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AJFC Football Managers

It's that time of year again - AJFC Professional photos!! Kathy Burr Photography are delighted to be the photographers again.

Managers Here you can find information about helping the day run smoothly for your team.

Before the Day...Please provide the link below to the team to allow online ordering ASAP. All Orders are taken online.

Complete the TEAM Summary Order prior to the day where possible and bring with you on the day.

Photo Options include: team photos, individual photo and some great packages that include a digital picture of your football star for you to print or share.

For details Photo Package Options


Please request your team members arrive 20 minutes prior to your timeslot to finalise paperwork regarding their order.

Photos will still go ahead even if the games are called off.

Your TEAM's order ON PHOTO DAY :

Prior to the day: - Confirm with all team members that they have ordered online. ORDER HERE ONLINE

ON the DAY:

1. On the Team Summary Order Write each player's name correctly

2. For each player select the 'package' purchased. IMPORTANT: This tells the photographer what they have ordered.

3. Write the ' Paypal ' if they have pre-paid

4. Total Team Order, put the team summary order, & PayPal receipts in the envelope (provided) with your team name and give to photographer.

Note: Strictly All Orders MUST be paid BEFORE the photo day. NO CHANGE will be given on the day!

Please complete the TEAM summary order prior to the day where possible and bring with you on the day.

Thank You So Much!

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