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This is the client gallery where you access your proofs of actors headshots, performers headshots or corporate headshots and images.

What's next

Once you select your chosen headshot or corporate images they are colour corrected, cropped and re-touched to ensure the best result. Kathy takes pride in delivering professional and creative headshot and corporate images.

Note the galleries require your supplied login details to access your headshot proofs.

Need Help - If you need any assistance accessing your gallery please call (02) 9713 8171.

Current Headshot Proof Galleries

* J and K * Chinmay * Betty * GLNC * Avocado

* Anne M * Liz * Mitch * John B * Enrico R

* Cathy T * Karen W * Ellen

* Elizabeth T * Henry B * David H

* Louise D * Karl * toosh corporate profile

Additional CD images from Proof Set
$60 each

Hard Copies of purchased images
8" x 10" prints $50 each.

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